The basics to falsies- What you Need to Know Before You Apply!


You've bought your first lashes and are ready to apply (or maybe you've tried before and are back to learn more)! Here's what you need to know to avoid any falsie slip-ups halfway through your night out.


Step 1- It all starts with your lashes! Believe it or not, the best first step is to curl and apply mascara to your natural lashes. It may seem counterintuitive, after all, you're just going to cover them up! But there are a few simple reasons to start here first. Not only will the curl and product help support the weight of the false eyelashes, it will also help your natural lashes blend in!


Step 2- Know your right from your left. Many lash attempts fail because this step is overlooked. Depending on what brand you're using (we always recommend ShopEnvy Me of course!), the lashes may be marked left and right. If not, pay attention when opening the box and lay them out accordingly.


If they have lost a little of their shape, it's a good time to bend them over your finger for a couple of seconds to help form a "C" shape that will fit more naturally along your own lash line.


Step 3- Time for a trim! It's unlikely that any false lashes will fit perfectly right out of the box. Gently hold the lashes up to your own eyelid and see if a little trim will offer a more natural fit. Generally, it is a good idea to aim for a few lashes in from the inside corner of your eyelashes to a few lashes in from the outside of your natural lashes, creating fullness in the center (more prominent) area. Remember to trim the outside edge of the fake lashes only, and to start small. It's easier to trim more than it is to put back after the fact!


Step 4- Grab the glue! It's time for your adhesive so start with a thin line of glue along the edge of the lash band  . If you don't already have a favorite adhesive, we recommend our Flawlash Premium Bond Adhesive!



Allow the glue to get slightly tacky (which only takes a few seconds) then press the fake lashes firmly to your own lash line. If it helps, use tweezers to hold the lashes steady before you begin to push them down. Allow the glue to dry fully before moving onto step five.


Step 5- Finish and go! If you need a little help to soften up the edges or blend everything together, now is the perfect time to pull out some make-up tricks. A soft black matte eyeshadow can strategically be brushed into lash lines to help any gaps disappear. And a nice eyeliner along the line is the perfect step to finish it off!


And there you have it - the perfect way to apply, enjoy and hit the town in your fake lashes. For more tips, follow us on Instagram at