4 Reasons You Should Be Using Reusable Lashes


If you haven't tried re-usable lashes, you could be missing out on something big. And we don't mean just the reaction you'll get from friends (and maybe that mysterious love interest)!

If you've been wanting to give "falsies" a go, but need to know more, we're here to help. We'll walk you through four reasons you should give this trend a try.


1. Keep Your Costs Down

The price of beauty can often be off the charts, especially when it comes to adding drama to your lashes. With extensions typically between $100-200 (plus regular maintenance costs), reusable lashes are your best bet to stay on trend and under budget. Not only do most of our lashes come in around $25, they last up to 25 times! Save money for Starbucks and enjoy the glamour for less.


2. Save Time

The most time you'll spend on your reusable lashes is picking out what style to try next. Instead of multiple appointments at the salon, for extensions and maintenance, you can get your days back for more important things. It may take some time on your first attempt with falsies but after you get the hang of it, you'll be able to apply and go. Meaning you can look fabulous - more than you already do - in five minutes or less!


3. Choices, Choices, Choices

With natural lashes or extensions, you're committed to one look for the duration. With re-usable lashes, the options are endless! Which means you can switch looks daily - from doll-eyed to vixen and everything in between. If you're not sure what you'll love, check out a collection of lashes and explore various options at once.


4. Your Eyelashes Will Thank You

Extensions and even regular mascara can be damaging to your natural eyelashes. At ShopEnvy Me, we take pride in offering products that won't weigh you down. From choosing the best materials to our strict sterilization process, we take your lash health seriously. If you're evaluating options, always look for re-usable lashes with a strict quality process. Follow the directions closely and be sure to remove them at night. With the proper research and care, you'll be in good shape to enjoy your new lashes for a long time to come.

 If you're ready to try falsies but still unsure where to start, we're here to help. Reach out to our team to ask questions or get some advice. We have just what you need to try reusable lashes today!