Do You Know What’s in Your Lashes? Lash Materials, from Synthetic to Mink!



When it comes to false eyelashes, it may be hard to know where to start. Some women seem to wear falsies that look fake and stiff, while others leave you guessing if they were blessed at birth or simply have a great beauty secret! The difference often comes down to the type of materials those lashes are made from because each one has a unique feel and shape.


Let's take a look at the most common materials out there and what you should expect from each!


Synthetic Lashes - These are typically the cheapest options on the market, and they may work well if you want to dress up for one night or play with different shapes just for fun.


Synthetic lashes are most often a one and done use, made from a material called PBT or Polybutylene Terephthalate. PBT is a man-made fiber, aka a synthetic plastic that is molded into a particular shape. The material makes the lashes inexpensive, but you'll notice it also makes them thicker, which means a less natural look. To support these thick synthetics, a larger band is required meaning less comfort and an overall heavy look.


Human Hair Lashes - Lose some weight when you choose human hair lashes over synthetic. You will feel (and see the difference) from the heavier PBT options, but it doesn't mean you're looking au naturel just yet. The way these lashes are made mean most of the hair will be uniform in shape, limiting your look options and any selections that mimic a more natural eyelash pattern.


Silk Lashes - Silk lashes were popular before mink hit the scene, because they are softer and more natural than synthetics or human hair. Silk is still common today and can be more comfortable since it's nowhere near as heavy as the options above. You may notice a slightly unnatural sheen, since the silk is well…. silky! But these can be a good option for regular use.


Mink Lashes - For the most natural look, and one that's comfortable to wear all day long, mink cant be beat. At ShopEnvy Me, we use cruelty-free mink that offers endless style options, all with a natural look and feel. For less than a dollar per use on average, these lashes are handcrafted in patterns that mimic natural eyelashes, adding extra oomph without looking fake.


If you've been dying to update your look but don't want to stand out with anything that looks phony, mink is the way to go. Soft, delicate and patterned after real eyelashes; you can add a little thickness or go straight for drama, drawing attention to your own natural beauty.


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