Fake Lashes - What's Really Out There?


If you've been stalking Instagram, Facebook and all the latest beauty magazines trying to get the 4-1-1 on falsies, you may have a few questions. With all of the different styles, price points, brands and materials, who can you trust to boil it down?


Not to worry, we're here to help. From basic to luxury, here's what you need to know!


The Cheap Way Out - If you're brand new to this adventure and want to try a few options, it may make sense to buy a bunch on the cheap and play! Experiment with styles, colors, even trimming to fit and then throw these away without remorse. You can find inexpensive brands most often at your local drugstore (thank you CVS and Walgreens) - from $5 to $10 and up!


What don't you want to do with these cheapies? Keep them for long! Corners are cut to make these lashes so low and that means they're not the best bet for your eyes. Some of these versions won't last the night, and they're definitely not meant for re-application. Even the packaging won't support hanging onto these for long so don't try to and risk complications. Extra chemicals, shady hygienic practices, unnatural looks and discomfort are all reasons to use and pitch.


You'll also notice that inexpensive often means thicker bands (aka, they're not fooling anyone!) and materials that won't hold as well. No one wants to be told their eye-lashes are drooping while out for a night on the town! So, enjoy the options, experiment and then move on.


Middle Ground - On your next trip to Target or Ulta, you may want to take a stroll down lash lane. The options here will be a step up from the corner drugstore, so enjoy what they offer. Middle ground lashes typically run closer to $10 or $15 a pop and they should hold up a couple of times for re-use.

Another good reason to take it up a notch is the material choice, often human hair or better-quality synthetics. What does this mean to you? Human hair is required to be sterilized, which means hygiene is happening in this middle ground space! We recommend these lashes if you're still playing around or can't afford to go quality right away.


The Finer Things in Life - At ShopEnvy Me, we want you to have the best. But that doesn't mean you have to get a second job to do so. Our lashes typically cost $25 a piece, and they'll last 25 times or more! If you want to enjoy a lash set for longer while getting the best quality, here's what you should look for.


Lashes made of mink are considered the best of the best because they are softer, more natural and hold up incredibly well. We only use cruelty-free hair because we love our animals, so if you are paying more from someone else, expect them to provide this too!


Another great element to these luxury lashes is what you won't get - chemicals! Sterilized without any chemicals or toxins, you'll be pampering your natural lashes when you choose to go this route.


Expect the compliments to roll in, luxury falsies are hard to spot, meaning you can take all the credit for looking extra glamorous when you head out!


We love lashes so play with the cheapies, try one or two middle price options and invest in a great set (or more!) that will have you feeling extra special every day. No one will be the wiser when you step out in luxury!