In case you haven’t noticed, we’re big on beauty and quality around here! That’s because I loved the idea of something bold but grew tired of trying lash extensions. No matter what brand I tried, I kept buying them only to find that they weren’t really reusable (unless I enjoyed bald patches where the mink fell out) or comfortable!


I knew there had to be something better. Easy to apply – high quality – soft lashes, from a brand women could trust. And that’s how ShopEnvyMe was born!


We offer mink lashes that are meticulously handcrafted and cruelty free. They’re also safe – 100% sterilized and no dyes or chemicals. We use only the most luxurious materials, which means you can enjoy any look you choose knowing you’ll receive the same high-quality product.


I guarantee you won’t be disappointed once you’ve tried ShopEnvyMe. Welcome to the easiest way to feel confident and match your eyelash style to your mood!

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I built this brand for women like myself - women who love to conquer the world - with a “BadAss” pair of lashes.