So, you've been wanting to add volume to your lashes, but aren't sure what route to go? Not to worry, we're here to help!


Aside from some out of this world mascara, the two primary options for your new look are eyelash extensions and reusable lashes. To save you from diving deep into the corners of Google, we'll distill both options down in the three areas it matters most - time, cost and your health.


How Much Time Will Each Option Take?


Eyelash extensions will last longer than reusable lashes because they're semi-permanent. But they're not without a significant time investment since you'll need to go every couple of weeks to get the lashes refilled (and cleaned). This can take a couple of hours so get used to sitting still if you plan to go with extensions.


Reusable lashes, on the other hand, are worn for an event or evening - typically not more than a day. Outside of your first attempt at applying lashes (nothing goes perfectly the first time around), you should soon be able to pump up the volume with your reusables in five minutes or less. This means even if you wear reusable lashes every day of the week, you'll still be way ahead when you consider the length of time it takes to maintain extensions.


Which Option Will Cost Me More?


We see you working that budget and we want to help. It's important to understand the financial commitment of extensions vs. reusable lashes before you decide either way. Although eyelash extension costs can vary widely by area (and your choice of salon), the average cost is between $100 and $200. Keep in mind that this is no place to skimp, since you'll be relying on the salon for hygienic practices and quality products. Saving a little money here won't be worth a nasty eye infectionso get ready to pony up - trust us on this one.


Alternatively, reusable eyelashes from ShopEnvyMe run about $25 per set. They'll last about 25 uses, or three weeks, if used every day. Depending on the product you choose, you could have to purchase glue separately, which might add $10 more to the bill, but that's still significantly less than extensions.


What Is Better for My Natural Lashes?


Since it's hard to get a straight answer from your eyelashes, we have to look out for them when considering the options. Although properly installed, high-quality extensions may not cause damage, there are cases where this can occur. The long-term effect of the additional weight on your lashes, glue and naturally occurring bacteria that requires constant attention can be problematic. If you plan to move forward with extensions, do your research - your eyelashes will thank you.


With reusable lashes, particularly our products, we find the natural lashes are unaffected. Most clients don't wear falsies 24/7 (as you do with extensions) meaning your own lashes get a break to lighten up from the extra weight and to get clean easier. With many of our products, we offer strips rather than glue, which can mean less breakage too


If you're still unsure about which route to go, reach out to our team with your questions! We're here to help as you consider your choices for creating those coveted lash looks.